Clay Pipe Music


July 2020 

Adlestrop is a coloured vinyl LP with reverse board printed sleeve and inner sleeve designed by Frances Castle of Clay Pipe Music. It's also available as a download from The Clay Pipe online shop alonside all Clay Pipe's other releases.

Adlestrop came about after obtaining a copy of the notorious Beeching Report which, in the early 1960s advocated the closure of hundreds of British railway lines and stations in the interests of efficiency and streamlining. Appendix 2 contains a long list of over two thousand British towns, villages and hamlets whose stations and halts were slated for closure. Using this as a guide on my travels around the country I sought out the locations of some of these ghost stations and made field recordings in each place. I later used these field recordings as the start point for the music on this record.

Oliver Cherer

Track list

  1. Appendix 2
  2.  The Age of the Train
  3. Adlestrop
  4. Bethesda
  5. End of the Line (Aldeburgh)
  6. Just a River
  7.  The Cranleigh Line
  8.  Torver & Coppermines
  9. Hospital
  10. Black Dog Halt
  11. Ravenscar
  12. Star Crossing