Oliver Cherer - I Feel Nothing Most Days

Second Language Music



The backbone of I Feel Nothing Most Days is a cassette of demos that I'd kept since the mid-eighties. They were little guitar/vocal songs or bits and pieces that I'd written while clearly in thrall to Ben Watt and The Durutti Column

The album was written and, produced in my St Leonards On Sea home studio, with special guests Elaine Edwards on soprano sax, Riz Maslen (Neotropic) on backing vocals, Claudia Barton supplied ethereal voices, Fritz Catlin on extra percussion and Darren Morris on Fender Rhodes.

Track list

  1. Weight Of The Water
  2. A Small Town
  3. Untitled 1983
  4. Earth Rise
  5. Sinners Of The World
  6. Slowly, Slowly
  7. An Unfamiliar Kitchen
  8. Seberg
  9. Most Days
  10. The Girl on Top of the Tree